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Sunday, September 5, 2010

How to Host a Giveaway or Contest for Your Blog Readers

As a blogger, you always want to find ways to get people to stay interested in your blog. People lead busy lives! That means that there truly needs to be something in it for them when they visit. 

A great way to maintain their interest is to host a giveaway or a contest for your blog readers.

The main reason for that is because people love to get things for free! If you can secure an item to give away, you'll find that readers flock to your blog! They will share the link with their friends and family members who are also interested in the topic. There's something about the words "free" and "win" that just draws people in!

The product you give away doesn't even need to be expensive. In some cases, you can even get sponsorships from companies who will give you the product for free in order to generate more interest in their products from your readers. You will have to disclose the relationship when you accept an offer to do this, but it is an awesome way to get more readers for your blog in the long-term (that means more money for you!).

The first thing you need to do is think about what you're going to give away. Perhaps you know of a very popular product that would be a great fit. You can contact the owner or manufacturer of the product and see if there is some kind of deal you can work out. If you can afford it or if the product is not too expensive, you may forgo this process and just purchase the product yourself. Another thought is giving away digital products -- product owners usually won't mind allowing a copy for a giveaway since there is no additional cost for them!

Your next step will be generating some buzz for your giveaway. Give hints that you're going to give away a product in a blog post very soon. Start to pique their interest more and more. Whet people's appetites so they go crazy once the giveaway is launched.

Finally, you will want to write the contest post. State all the details; including what is being given away, when, and how people can win it. Perhaps they need to make a comment answering a certain question, and you'll give the prize to the winner. Perhaps it is going to be more subjective and you're going to choose the answer you think was the best -- or perhaps you'll use a random number system to choose the winner from all of the comments.

Be sure to leave a little window of time to let people pass the contest link to friends and family members so they can enter. Don't let it go too long, however, or people will forget what you're doing! Finally, you'll want to announce the winner and possibly even give out some consolation prizes. Make everyone feel great about having entered!

You will find that people start to link to your blog and come back to visit over and over because they love your giveaways, and what you blog about. It's an awesome thing to do because it can help you expand your regular readership and make more money over the long run.

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